What is general liability insurance?

General Liability (GL) insurance helps protect businesses from claims that happen as a result of normal business operations. The law requires businesses to operate in safe and careful manners.  If a business carelessly causes bodily injury it may face a negligence lawsuit.   GL insurance generally provides coverage for, among other things, third-party bodily injuries, medical payments, and advertising injuries. If you want to ensure that your small business has financial protection from unforeseen claims, general liability insurance is a smart investment.

While it’s not always required by law, it may be required by certain contracts or lease arrangements.  We understand that you want to protect what has cost you so much.  Even a small lawsuit for bodily injury or property damage is often enough to bankrupt a small business.   Therefore common sense requires small business owners to carry general liability.  In Florida General Liability also helps cover legal fees and settlements if you are sued.



Should you get general liability insurance for your LLC?

While an LLC structure provides some protection from personal liability for members, the protection is not absolute and the business is still subject to being sued. General liability insurance helps protect your business from the consequences of third party claims for injury or property damage.

General Liability
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When customer property is damaged by an employee, your coverage may pay for a replacement.
For example: Your contractor accidentally sets fire to a building they are working in, and repair costs will exceed $75,000. Now, you may be liable to pay for the damages and construction costs.
With small business general liability insurance, you would likely have help covering the costs of those damages.

For example, a hairstylist mops her ceramic foyer but fails to warn customers of the slippery conditions, and a customer slips and breaks her leg. The customer’s bodily injury claim for damages, pain, suffering and medical costs falls under commercial general liability coverage

Bodily Injury

If someone other than an employee is injured on your property, this coverage can take care of medical expenses plus legal expenses and damages.

Product Liability

If products developed or sold by your business harm people or property, this coverage can pay legal expenses associated with product liability lawsuits and medical expenses if an injury occurs.

Libel, Slander, and Copyright

This coverage can pay for lawsuit expenses from personal and advertising injury. Advertising injury can include disparaging another business in your advertisements, stealing an advertising idea.

Congratulations on being one of the many small business owners who make South Florida great.  To protect your business, you need the right coverage.

How do I Know if I Need General Liability Insurance?

we understand small business owners and the challenges you face every day. We also know that no two businesses are completely alike, so we don’t try to put you in a one-size-fits-all insurance policy.

When you get a quote for small business insurance , we look at a number of factors to determine the best level of coverage for you, including your industry, business size, and more. Our goal is to give you only the coverage you need now—and we can grow that coverage as your business grows.

It’s a Good Idea to Have General Liability Coverage if Your Small Business:

Type of Business that typically need General Liability Insurance

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