A simple policy that combines business general liability and business property in one policy.


A Business Owners Policy known as a BOP policy helps cover your business from claims resulting from things like fire, theft, or other covered disasters.  It also helps to cover claims that could arise from your business’s operationns.  Including claims of bodily injury or property damage.

Many entrepreneurs believe that if they have a general liability policy  their own losses are covered, as well as losses of their customers.  But a general liability does not protect your own business property. 

A florida Business Owners Policy will help you keep  protect if your company has a Disaster


Workers can injure customers or cause property damage. With a Business Owners Policy from The Insurance Ladies you will have protection for them and your business.

Any Chance of a Lawsuit

If a customer slips and fall at your store, The Business Owners policy can help pay their medical expenses and your legal costs.

A physical location

A Business Owners Policy or BOP policy from the Insurance Ladies would help cover businesses run out your home, a rented or owned office, store or garage.

Business Assets

Business Assets If your business owns any digital property, equipment, furniture, cash and inventory are all difficult to replace with the right insurance coverage.

Private Customer Data

If someone steals or loses personally identifiable information, this can help pay expenses like notifying impacted clients and public.


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