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Flood Insurance in Florida

Many wait to think about flooding until it’s too late. Flood insurance is a must-have for Florida homeowners. Many people are mistaken to assume that their renter’s or homeowner’s insurance covers damage caused by flooding. However, this is a mistaken assumption: homeowner’s and renter’s insurance very often do not include damage caused by flooding, because of the given frequent storms and damages. Floridians are in particular, susceptible to very frequent storms and flooding damage. And so, it is extremely important to ensure that you are covered and protected from damages due to uncontrolled flooding.

In Florida, Floods occur regularly and almost every part of the state, especially South Florida, is at high risk of flooding due to its low sea level, and closeness to the ocean.The temperate climate makes it so that sudden heavy rains are common. Because this insurance is offered through a federal government program that sets rates based on where your property is located, the most important aspects of purchasing flood insurance coverage are selecting the right type of coverage, the best amount of coverage for your situation, and the correct deductible.The experienced and reliable insurance agents at The Insurance Ladies can assist you inmaking these important decisions to protect your home, personal possessions and business from damage caused by flooding.

Flooding Damage is not covered by most homeowners or renters’ policies

Many Florida homeowners are shocked when they realize, only after their home has flooded and they have suffered thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars of resulting uncovered losses, that their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance does not cover damage caused by flooding. Most homeowner’s insurance policies include a water exclusion that provides that damage caused by, among other things, flooding, pipe leaks, or sewage backups are not covered by the policy. Standard homeowner’s and renter’s policies provide limited coverage for damage caused by rain in certain limited circumstances, but homeowners (or renters) need to obtain separate and specific flood insurance coverage to ensure they are protected. Protecting your home and all that you own is not complete simply by procuring homeowner’s or renter’s insurance; flood coverage is an essential element of your insurance portfolio, particularly if you live in South Florida.

Coverage Options for a Flood Insurance Policy

There are two primary types of coverage available under flood insurance that be purchased through the NFIP. The building coverage portion of the policy protects the actual physical structure of your home and will pay for any repairs as a result of a flood. The contents coverage of the policy is protection for the actual contents of your house. It would pay to repair or replace your belongings that are damaged by a flood.


Any damage caused to your house or items due to some leakage, seepage, or another kind
of water damage not caused by floods isn’t covered. Even if the wind-driven rain causes the
damage, you cannot seek flood insurance claim against it.

How to Buy Miami Flood Insurance

No matter where you choose to purchase a NFIP policy, they will be the same in terms of coverage
and price. You may also contact an Independent Insurance Agency in Florida.

Locating your flood Zone

It is easy to locate your estimated flood zone using an online mapping tool found at fema.maps.arcgis.com

What is Flood Zone

FEMA assigned a letter ( X, B, C, A, V) to properties based the susceptibility to flooding. The letter
assigned by FEMA is the Flood zone of a property. Low Risk Zones are X, B, C. High Risk Zones
include A, AE, V, and VE.

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